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Lady Columba Venus Revelations Preface

Dear Promise Friends,
Please check out this book written by the earth woman Annabel Krebs now an ascended Venusian working in the angel forces. Here is the preface to this book that she wrote. This book was given to My Friend Raymond Keller and he has edited it to have documentation on much of this quite fantastic but true story. In the Images in this article, you will Lady Columba is on the left next to her is Lady Aurora on the right. She is also another ascended earth girl who was in her last incarnation a girl from India. She ascended like Lady Columba to work in the Venusian Angel Force. Lady Aurora also translated to Venus and is now enjoying a youthful body and serving the earth and her homeworld which is now Abejar or planet of the bees as it is called in their native tongue on Venus. See all of Raymond Keller’s books here on my website. You find this book on my website here
Dear Friends of Venus,
My dear friend teacher and “Adept” Dr. Raymond Keller or Cosmic Ray having bestowed upon me the high honor and privilege of writing the preface to Lady Columba’s wonderful book “Venus Revelations”. This book surely is a clarion call to all spiritual seekers of truth who thirst after love and light to realize God’s infinite love toward all creation.
In these long prophesized “end days” this book is a beacon of hope and also a warning and at the same time, it surely serves as an encouragement for us on earth to put aside our limited thinking judgment, and prejudices toward each other. The biblical prophecy of the “Apocalypse” which is now upon us is NOT a doom and gloom scenario, in fact, apocalypse means revelation.
This is the time of revelation and this book is a revelation of truth and account of a humble and very beautiful earth woman. In 1957 Lady Columba has been recognized by the Venusian Hierarchy of Light to receive advanced spiritual teachings. In this amazing chronicle of her first physical journey, to the moon and then to Venus the reader is transported to the rarified air of the celestial realms. She was allowed to live there for 4 years and enjoyed ongoing visits with her Venusian family over her lifetime.
Please make no mistake this book is not fiction though many with limited understanding who cannot think outside of indoctrinated norms will fervently argue to the contrary. While reading this book I sincerely urge you all to suspend your critical mind to ponder the wonders of creation and the infinite mind of God. Enjoy this true to life adventure as Ms. Columba unveils the realities of our sister planet Venus and the society her citizens enjoy.
The Now Ascended Lady Columba in her simple matter-of-fact account of her journey to Venus as earth girl “Annabel Krebs” in 1957 reveals the extraordinary love and concern that our space family has for us on earth. This book written in 1961 has now been cleared for release to the general public who may be ready to absorb the truth. Lady Columba reveals the details of her ascension in this metaphysical masterpiece.
For those lovers of god and the harbingers of the New Age who want to know what is in store for earth’s possible future, this book provides a glimpse into a beautiful and wondrous world of harmony that could be ours if we would decree it. The Angels do attend us. The Ascended Masters both male and female are real. They minister to us constantly sometimes unaware more often and constantly than we could ever imagine.

This book was presented to “Coz” Raymond Keller in 2017 for him to edit and to update the book in the light of our modern-day era and understanding. He has done this with the utmost care and devotion and this now stands as a polished gem for contactees, researchers, and those with eyes to see and ear to hear the profound truths Lady Columba shares so eloquently.
Her vacation from the earth as I like to call it is filled with so much hitherto unknown and hidden or secret information that I am greatly encouraged that we are now surely and truly in times of great change. This change is for the betterment of humankind. This is the time for the lovers of God & of Christ and ALL of the Avatars and teachers of all religions to unite under the banner of love and peace.
We must recognize the truths that unite us and not be blinded by arrogance, pride bigotry, and hate toward others who do not think exactly as we do. We must step forward to proclaim our belief in ourselves and the inner knowing of the hidden web of life that connects us all.
In Ms. Columba’s book you will learn of advanced technologies used for healing, education, power, communication, travel to name a few. These technologies could be used for the building of a society based on the universal laws of the universe given to man by our creator. A world of prosperity and abundance is possible for us on earth here and now.
If we could work together in an open and transparent way in cooperation with our fellow man with our mutual freedom and liberty and the highest ethical and moral values we could surely achieve a paradise here on earth very easily.
How to do this now is not to focus just on the technologies needed to achieve such a utopian world. We must not wrest from nature her secrets to forge her beauty into selfish greed and lust for power while disregarding and destroying our environment and other life forms in the process. From our Venusian, galactic elders and more advanced spiritual mentors and guides we must realize that we must inculcate the spiritual values from within ourselves first.
A building must have a firm foundation to last and our society must be built on solid ground or societal harmony. The Virtues of loyalty. honesty, perseverance, courage, charity, and faith are just to name a few. We must have the wellbeing of our fellow man and the earth and life itself as our guiding star. If we act sincerely with purely motivated intent and enact actions to achieve these goals within ourselves and our families we will soar to these imaginable and attainable heights.
My personal encounter with the Clarion Moonbase Commander Aura Rhanes that was arranged by Raymond Keller was a wake-up call to me. She reminded me that all of the knowledge, charity, good works, and good intentions in the world are nothing if we do not have love in our hearts!
I hope this contact with the Venusian society that Lady Columba has shared with us all will inspire you to realize yourself as an embodiment of love as your divine spirit spark. May the warning of her experience and her tutelage as an “Angel Force” on “Earth Four” inspire you to action to serve in your own mission to make this world a better place by your service to your other selves that indwells all of creation.
May this book be an inspiration to all my fellowman to not live cowered in fear about the future of our world but to rise into the here and now and empowerment the glorious light of God has intended bestowed upon our souls. Remember with God’s love and your willing spirit all things are possible.
Let the love of Lady Columba and the Venusian and Solar Hierarchy of Light be the catalyst that fans your spirit spark into an almighty all-consuming fire within towards a love for the sacred and divine to manifest in your life and on our world.
With Love To You
From The Planet of Love
In The Light Of Venus
Rob Potter
Mt Shasta Ca.

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