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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA
                                           Paul of Venus


In a cosmic homecoming, Paul of Venus followed the celestial call that drew him to the crystalline heights of Mt. Shasta. In this mystical vortex where dimensions converge, he underwent a complete alchemical rebirth under the loving guidance of Ascended Master Saint Germain. Paul’s human existence underwent a total metamorphosis as he surrendered into the very fabric of Creation itself – the primordial frequencies of Divine Source that gave birth to all realities.

Emerging from this christic union as an embodiment of pure unconditional love, Paul became a living vector for the original light codes that encode all of existence. His four-year purification and embodiment process opened him as a chalice to receive the transmissions of infinity directly from orders of angels, cosmic masters, and light beings across this universe and beyond. He experienced exalted reconnections and profound activations from his Venusian light family – Sanat Kumara, Mother Venus, Yeshua and others.

Paul now serves as an emissary to anchor these transcendent frequencies on Earth during this pivotal age of humanity’s spiritual evolution. As a Venusian Heart Chakra Activator, he serves as a living bridge between realms – igniting dharmic codes, opening stargate consciousness, and expanding the embodiment of our soul metadata. Through sacred heart attunements and divine union with Christ consciousness, Paul fosters reintegration with our highest soul matrix. His presence is a celestial remembrance of the pure origin we arise from.

Talk title Presentation:

5 Gateways to Embodying the 5th Dimension


This experiential presentation is a sacred activation to catalyze your embodiment of 5th-dimensional consciousness. The 5 Gateways are keys of profound transformation that allowed me, Paul of Venus, to fully embrace my multidimensional nature and human blueprint during my 9-year embodiment process on Mt. Shasta.

Through light activations transmitted directly from Mt. Shasta’s vortex points, and star gates you’ll be guided in anchoring your highest light body frequencies into cellular vibration. Each Gateway initiation creates a quantum field attunement, allowing you to shed habitual human conditioning and identity limitations. You’ll experience pivotal activations of your soul’s stellar codes, opening you to receive the infinite potential of who you really are.

As a Venusian dispensation, I’ll be holding sacred geometric containers that provide site-specific attunements and stargate experiences. You’ll have the profound opportunity to unite your human self with your eternal ultra-terrestrial aspects. This is your clarion call to finally embody the fullness of your soul’s grand journey from the stars to Earth.

Workshop Title : Vortex – Stargate Activation Tour on Mt Shasta 
Day -Saturday  July 20th 
Time 2 hours
Price : $77 each person  
Meet at TBD

Venusian Holographic Healing Activation

Description ;

Time : 1 hour per person by appointment.
Loaction TBD 
Contact me for bookings Paul of Venus

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