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Alfred Lambremont Webber via Pre Recorded Presentation  

“Venus in The Omniverse” Friday Night Movie Night Masonic Lodge 

Lecture #1 Hidden Anomalies of Antarctica: The Latest Updates
This workshop will explore the possibility of evidence for a massive UFO craft under the ice of Antarctica.  Brad will share his latest research on the megalithic structures of an antediluvian civilization, pyramids in the Shackleton or Ellsworth Range, and the reports of giants and Ice Age animals being uncovered from under the ice.  Why are important dignitaries, scientists, politicians, religious and notable officials of countries around the world suddenly visiting Antarctica – a location that has been dubbed the “Illuminati Disneyland”?

How many people actually go to Antarctica per year? Why is there a large “no-fly” zone near the South Pole? Could that suggest an opening to “Inner Earth” or perhaps an ET base?  Why were the Nazis obsessed with their land claims in Antarctica? Could Antarctica be the lost continent of Atlantis?  Wouldn’t the inland portions of Antarctica disprove the “Flat Earth” theory? Do the old maps, such as the Piri Reis map, determine the continent was mapped long before the 1820s when the first sealers and whalers set sight of the continent?  These “hidden anomalies” and many more will be explained and explored!
Explore the hidden anomalies of Antarctica that Brad discovered on his recent travels to this frozen land.
Hidden Esoteric in plain sight
Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” is a concept devised by the philosopher to ruminate on the nature of belief versus knowledge. The allegory states that there exists prisoners chained together in a cave. Behind the prisoners is a fire, and between the fire and the prisoners are people carrying puppets or other objects. This casts a shadow on the other side of the wall. The prisoners watch these shadows, believing them to be real.
The word “occult” simply means that which has been hidden. How much has been hidden from us right before our very eyes? From mass media deceptions to occult designs on our dollar bills, and a multitude of other symbols with veiled meanings, Brad Olsen discusses the myriad of obfuscations in our world today, and what their real meaning is all about.
There is a universal law that everything that is being done to us must be revealed first. You’ll know it when you see it. We will understand Predictive Programming, legends, and myths that are based on historical facts, as well as many conspiracies that turned out to be true.
Presentation Outline: After entering “Plato’s Cave” we will learn to see the esoteric and occult meaning in all that has been hidden from us in plain sight, including:
SEXUAL (Obelisks)
MONEY (Seeing Eye Pyramid)
GEOMETRY (Pentagon)
LOGOS (Sigils), and including the many symbols in Hollywood and the Mass Media.
Also hidden in plain sight are the Millions of Worldwide UFO Sightings, and how it has been revealed in Project Blue Book, Home Videos, Govt. Trickle Disclosure, and the newly formed Space Force.

Lecture #1
“Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Venus and Venusians.” 

I will answer all the questions on the Presentation plus any from the audience.
Lecture #2
Wisdom Of The Ages

Talk #1 Opening Ceremony This year’s message From Lady Orda Head Of Saturnian Council – Head Of The Galactic Confederation of Light! Love and Building a New Earth!

Talk #2  Rob Potter With Raymond Keller – All Venusian Messages Recorded with Video, Audio Only and Written Messages Rob has Received to Date Non-Stop With Q & A 

Talk # 3 Pleiadeans-Venusians-Healing Technology – How This Divine Intervention is Helping us Heal Our Selves – Venusian Longevity Vril Technology from Aldebaran –

Talk #1 
My 2 Week Trip to Bro Kali In The Aldeberan System-Taurus Cloud – How it began Their Message to Humanity
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Talk #2 Extraterrestrial Light Pulse Communication Systems. I will share the  Interstellar Conveyance Crystal Panel Technology The Evolution of human communication with extraterrestrial beings and Higher cognition amongst humans because “they” Speak to us.

Talk #3 Communication From L. L lives near the Central Sun in the Andromeda Galaxy My Physical Experiences with him. 

Crystallizing your Ascending Avatar
Congratulations! You have chosen to ascend! Now you can choose to become the embodiment of your Ascending Avatar. You have progressed through your 12 Avatar Fractal personalities on the Zodiac Wheel and are ready to step into your 13th Gateway Soul Fractal! As an Ascending Avatar on the Ascending New Earth, you align with the 13th Gateway Constellation embodied by the Ascension Gatekeeper Opheucus. It’s time to become crystallized as your Ascending Avatar!
Ascending through the 13th Gateway Chakra
Learn powerful techniques for crystallizing your light body so you can become the embodiment of your Ascending Avatar. You have progressed through your 12 chakras and embodied as a soul fractal in each one of these 12 crystalline energy centers. Now it’s time to activate your 13th chakra and crystallize as your Ascending Avatar in preparation for the Ascension of your soul into the 5th dimension. Learn how to transcend space-time within your MerKaBa time translation vehicle so you can soul travel and reunite with your other soul fractals in higher dimensions. This soul merge activates dormant DNA for your own higher dimensional evolution. These are advanced ascension techniques so only attend if you are truly ready to take a quantum leap into 5D consciousness.

“Astrology Current Events: USA Pluto Return, Pluto in Aquarius, Neptune in Aries, and Astrocartography Life Theme Examples”
We are at a pivotal time astrologically. The USA Pluto Return (2.20.2022) can signal the collapse or transformation of an “empire” or world power. Pluto in Aquarius (3.23.2023 –-1.19.2044) hints at the transformation of humanity. Neptune in Aries (3.30.2025 – 3.23.2039) denotes a new cycle and blossoming of spiritual ideas and philosophy. Learn more about how these pivotal current astrological events may influence our world. Lastly, see a collection of various people Astrocartgraphy maps and how life themes have transpired on the various planetary lines.
“Creating Flower Essence Remedies Based on Your Astrological Chart.”
Flower essences are a powerful remedy that bring out the person’s truest self. The remedies gently and safely release negative states (grief, fear, sadness, anger, hurt, guilt, shame) by flooding the body’s system with the positive vibration the flower essence carries. Flower essences are a natural, safe, effective, and affordable solution to healing. At this workshop attendees will learn how to make their own flower essence remedy with an emphasis on taking into consideration their astrological chart challenges. A Flower Essence PowerPoint Presentation will be provided to attendees in addition to each attendee leaving with a personalized flower essence blend of their own creation.

Arcturian Fifth-Dimensional Perspective: Stepping into Self-Mastery!
The Arcturians are an ascended intergalactic civilization that teaches us how to step into our fifth-dimensional self-mastery. We will explore the organic Ascension Timeline, Quantum consciousness, the roles of Star Seeds, the evolving planetary grids, and spiritual detoxification for awakening. Everyone will receive a potent activation for body-mind balance, vitality, and subtle body attunement.
DNA Physical Template Upgrade with the Arcturians!
As human consciousness spiritually evolves, the DNA physical template shifts into a luminous, multidimensional DNA Template. The physical template has been encoded with past planetary ancestral lineage and imprints based on servitude and submission to a greater power. With the Arcturians, we will release any disharmonic frequencies associated with past patterns and encoded genetic influences. It helps restore the Human Ancestral DNA and activates conscious memory in the quantum DNA structure. Welcome back to your origin in the One Divine/Creator Reality!

Lemurian Emissary Telos – The Beginning of My Multidimensional Awareness
We’ll all be together in Mt Shasta for Rob Potter’s Summer Conference where I’ll be presenting my multidimensional experiences including my Telos visit and put into perspective where I see us in the cosmic consciousness ascension process. I always come away from these events with new Akashic contributions to make. Energy downloads are becoming more commonplace where more and more people are coming forward to me with a willingness to share their own experiences. Come hear how the veil is really being removed with awareness growing and the solar influences to watch that will push Gaia into the next dimension – quite soon.
Portal To Inner Earth Hike 5TH Dimensional Opening
Vigorous Hike Dress In layers please bring food and water.

Lecture #1
The Override Frequency Upgrading & Transformation

Lecture #2
New Disclosures: Truth Over Disinformation

Remembering the Future: The Physics of the Soul
I will have a special presentation from my last planet, Findarra. 
This is an iconic chapter from the best-selling book.
I will share my own experiences with meditation and how it affected my abilities to understand and make breakthroughs in science and engineering.  I will also share my own missing time experience, dreams, and astral travels to his last world.  The approach resonates with readers and has moved lecture audiences of thousands to tears and laughter and wonder.  Like an Avatar world, he is able to bring back the lessons learned from conflict, triumph, and then peace through incredible love on a distant world. There is a special surprise coming the whole world will see, and there will be no denying it.

How to Wake up in 5D and Stay There All Day!
This event will give you new information, and tools that you have come to expect from the Practical Mystic Maureen St. Germain.
Learn how to prepare your earth vessel to resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond.
This will improve your connection with all of life, including ET,s Saints, Ascended Masters and each other.
You will understand how to anchor energy into your heart, and amplify this feeling to improve your connection to Source and all of life.
•Learn tools to stay out of judgment.
•Learn the difference between 3D to 5D.
•Joy is your natural state.
•Graciousness is your new MO. Living in 5 D Day is your goal.
How to Wake up in 5D and Stay There All Day!

Lecture #1
Reading Our Soul’s Journey Through Our Star Placements
Lecture #2
Accessing Soul Memories From Our Star Alignments

Discover your Galactic blueprint and access the messages in the sacred geometry of your Soul. Keys for Re-Activating Star Lineage memories, Ancestral Coding, and Earth History in your DNA. Re-remember your Divinity with tools for healing the traumas of your souls’ cycles so you can live your highest purpose now. 


Talk # 1 Eric and Dan Willis

Talk #2 EPIC Disclosures and New Beginnings – Where do we come from and go from here?
Pioneer UFO Whistleblowers, How we shared information with no internet to now (surprise guest first time in person speaking LIVE, Dan Willis)

Renee & Anthony
Lecture #1 Dialogue with Yehoshua & Mary Magdelene

Lecture #2 How to access multi-dimensional self & beyond!

Divine Channeling with Guidance & Sacred Energy Healing with The Higher Realms, Sacred Energy Healing & Dormant DNA Activations
This is a live, in-person event, that will provide channeled Ascension support to assist awakening beings through your Ascension Journey and the massive shifting taking place on Earth with Divine Guidance, updates, and healing transmissions with Enoch, The Order Of Melchizedek. The Angelics, The Animal Kingdom, Star Family Races, Intergalactic Beings and other 7th – 12th Dimensional Beings. Lori will be doing a workshop in Mt Shasta. 

“Love Never Dies – Stories Of Hope; Loved Ones & Animals on the Other-Side Of Life” 
Losing someone dear to us can be one of the most painful experiences that we endure in life. It is comforting to contemplate the idea that “we don’t die,” and that our soul lives on after this earthly sojourn. You will hear true, heartfelt stories of loved ones and animals who return with messages of hope, love, and closure. Jane will share miraculous and healing testimonies from her practice as a psychic medium & animal communicator. 

You will learn some helpful and simple tools for afterlife communicating with your loved ones and animals. Please join Jane for this fun and uplifting presentation that will leave you filled with hope and peace

“Remembering The Future” Use Your Natural Intuitive Power to Change Your Life
Can you sense the future with your natural intuitive power? In a word … Yes … people get precognitive information all the time in dreams, a hunch or “garden variety” premonition.  Experiments consistently show that human beings are as wired to know what’s coming next as we are to see, feel, hear and think.
In this fun and fascinating workshop, you will journey with shamanic drumming using your natural intuition to visit your potential future in 1 & 10 years! Is where you are heading where you want to go? You will also journey with shamanic drumming to experience Mother Earth’s potential future in 100 years, then discuss your findings with like minded people in a safe environment. Please join Jane for this

Lecture #1
My ET Experience: Earth’s Guardian Fleet
For the first time in public, Isaac will be sharing his contact experience that occurred on August 6th, 2021 on top of Mount Shasta along with other empowering experiences he has had with our galactic family.

Lecture #2
How Unity Theory Leads to Global Contact
We will make history by exploring the first scientific theory to solve gravity, dark matter, and dark energy. Then, by diving into the science of consciousness, we will learn what steps we need to take to initiate global contact.

Lecture #1
The invention of the MED BED & my personal contribution.
Lecture #2
Activating the Avatar

Through management and mental hygiene how to eat right clean right and find the right supplements to raise your vibratory state from the cellular level up!   Inner-chi equals energy equals inner magic!

Using manifestation to return our DNA back to God’s original DNA
My first talk will be about new information from St Germaine “Using manifestation to return our DNA back to God’s original DNA”
“Controlling our thoughts to assist in creating God’s Love agenda”

This will be my workshop!  On Wednesday evening, prior to the start of the conference, I will present in Mt Shasta contact Scott Werner by Calling 435-773-7989 Accessing Soul Memories From Our Star Alignments?
Discover your Galactic blueprint and access the messages in the sacred geometry of your Soul. Keys for Re-Activating Star Lineage memories, Ancestral Coding, and Earth History in your DNA. Re-remember your Divinity with tools for healing the traumas of your souls’ cycles so you can live your highest purpose now. 

What Ever Is on My Mind Part 1 & Part 2 with Q and A
Because Alex always speaks from the heart when I asked him about what his talk title was as usual, he gave a long pause……then we laughed. So, I have titled these two talks appropriately to reflect Alex’s ability to live in the present moment.

Lecture #1
Galactic Multi-Dimensionality
Lecture #2
Galactic Historian

Return to Sacred: Remember your Truth
Discover yourself by a deeper understanding of who we are as sovereign beings of light in soul expansion and Union with God/Source and Holy Spirit. Expect heart, crown, and Solar activations in this light download, and spiritual activation to awaken or accelerate your high self into presence. Move forward with crystalline consciousness and supernatural gifts as the norm, learn to navigate soul-centered purpose and connect daily with your personal spiritual team. 

The Street Angel’s Mission & Guided Epic Healing Meditation

The Time Has Come
I’m an Andromedan contactee – My first contact was in 1979. I have an ashram near mount Arunachala in India and share teaching around the world. I was a radio studio host and guest for many years. I share my message and messages of other contactees so that we are being taken seriously, hence the title of my talk. I will share my contactee experiences and my Cosmic Airport vision (Andromedan) I’ll also offer teachings for true spiritual awakening. 

Sacred Geometry

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living 

Solutions for Humanity 

God is The Healer

The Multiverse & Extra-Dimensional Beings

Lecture #1
How to Access a Multidimensional Self and Beyond
Lecture #2
A Dialogue with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

Experience Balance & Harmony Through the Five Elements Using Sound Healing Principles

Experience a Christos sound transmission with the Crystal bowls to help us all connect to the Divine Feminine Spirit of flow and abundance

Sound Healing 


Guided UFO Tour SKY WATCH CE-5 Meditation


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