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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA
Twin Rays

Bio for In addition to providing spiritual teaching for enlightenment, TwinRay raises financial resources for the procurement and safeguarding of sacred sites and lands. The conservation of these places is imperative to the spiritual advancement of Humankind and will be a legacy for generations to come.

TwinRay provides spiritual holistic certifications, as well as online teachings and programs for the expansion and transformation of human awareness. TwinRay assists global ascension through teaching ancient wisdom unified with modern science.
It is our greatest prayer to steward communities all over the world that stand together as one voice for humankind, Earth and the animal kingdom alike. The time is Now.

Our Vision

Imagine an Earth with lush green foliage, clean oceans, and air. Envision humanity reaching its true potential with kindness and compassion for all.add two new speakers her ethey are Twin Ray – Richard Miller. add them to speaker make photo space for twin tray this is the bio There is a world that exists beyond the limitations of the human mind and experience. A world where conscious cultures communicate with each other and share their ancestral wisdom.
Here, groups gather for global meditations and children learn about their true self, so they never feel alone or misunderstood.
We serve a world where people communicate through love and awareness, and a Golden Age comes to pass.