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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA
Akmal Tobgy

Akmal Tobgy is a recognized figure for his contributions to wellness, blending ancient Asian healing arts with modern wellness technologies. As a senior Universal Healing Tao teacher with over 25 years of experience, his expertise spans ancient Asian healing arts, bioenergetics, clinical biofeedback, stress management, and psycho-spiritual integration practice and teaching.

Akmal’s profound journey into martial arts, initiated at the age of 11, led him to explore various disciplines and study since 1986 with the guidance of renowned Dao Grand Master Mantak Chia becoming a Certified Universal Healing Tao Teacher in 2000, and live, study and research with Taoist masters from the Longmen Sect in China for 5 years, culminating in his initiation by the Dragon Gates School of complete reality in 2007 and Dragon Gates Tartaria in 2017.

Founder and CEO of the  Light  Mandalas wellness technology Company in Thailand, director of the Universal Healing Tao Center of Egypt and former director of the Universal Healing Tao Center of Toronto, Canada, he leads innovations in wellness technology and develops Eco-Wellness resorts, aiming to harmonize physical emotional and energetic well-being.

Holding a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and a BSc in Electronics Engineering, Akmal’s educational background combines with his work in electro-acupuncture, bio-resonance, clinical biofeedback, and the ancient healing arts. As a member of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bio-Electrography of Russia and the Former Executive VP of the International Life Sciences Research Association of China, Akmal’s influence extends far beyond his direct teachings, making a lasting impact on the broader wellness community.

He has played significant roles in various anti-aging and complementary medical tourism destinations globally. He has been a director, advisor, and technical consultant for world-class anti-aging and complimentary medical tourism destinations such as Pakua Integrative Medicine Clinic in Tao Garden Health Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Chiva Som in Hua Hin, Thailand, The Bodhi, Holistic Medical Centres and Bangkok Mediplex in Bangkok, Thailand, Villa Medica China in Shanghai, China, World Anti-Aging in Beijing, China, Nile Valley Hospital in Cairo, Egypt.

Through Dragon Gate Tours, Egypt, China, and Central Asia, Akmal offers life-changing Travel retreat journeys that impart ancient Taoist techniques and connect participants with profound wisdom and sacred energies.


Light Mandalas Wellness Technology Tools:

Light Mandalas is at the forefront of offering innovative energetic healing technology to the wellness industry. Their tools emit balancing and harmonizing bio-compatible resonant sacred geometric fields of coherent light, sound, and electromagnetic frequency combinations through crystal molecular structures. This unique technology produces beneficial effects on the body and mind, aiming to harmonize the body’s energetic and informational fields, nourish and strengthen weaker elements, and promote relaxation and stress control.

Join us to learn more about these transformative tools and their potential impact on holistic well-being.


Etheric Hygiene  Light Mandalas Technology :

During the Etheric Hygiene Practice, participants explore techniques such as Energetic Shielding and Protection, including the practice of Cutting Energy Cords, Soul Retrieval, and Soul Realignment. By understanding the impact of energy cords and learning to release unwanted attachments, individuals can unblock their energy centers, alleviate feelings of being drained or overwhelmed, and realign with their highest path and soul purpose.

The Inner Alchemy portion focuses on transforming stress into vitality through practices like the Unity of the Three Minds Meditation, the Cosmic Orbit Meditation, and the Healing Sounds & Primordial Breath Practice. These ancient techniques aim to harmonize the mind, heart, and soul, circulate regenerative life force, and balance internal organs, promoting health, relaxation, and stress relief  By engaging in these profound practices, participants will have the opportunity to clear past traumas, release limiting beliefs, and advance their soul’s development. The workshop retreat offers a safe and nurturing space for individuals to embark on a journey of inner transformation and holistic well-being.

Join us for an inspiring conference gathering exploring mysteries, ancient wisdom, and our deep connection with the Earth and the universe. Whether we’re a truth seeker, a wisdom guardian, or just curious about the universe inside of us, then welcome to our gathering.

We’re exploring the inspiring vision of “Eternal Spring,” celebrating our beautiful planet and finding our place in the vast cosmos. It’s a chance to light up our inner explorer, connect with like-minded souls, and maybe even discover a bit more about ourselves.

We then step into a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment at the Etheric Hygiene & Inner Alchemy workshop retreat. This immersive experience is designed to allow us to achieve psycho-spiritual integration by delving into the anatomy of bio-energy and life force economics.



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