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Dear Conference Guests, 
We will be having a speakers dinner on Friday, July 8th at the Hari Om Indian Restaurant in mt Shasta Ca.  The entire restaurant will be closed down for our guests only. Join Raymond Keller, Alex Collier, Laura Eisenhower, Brad Olsen, and many other speakers in a more intimate setting. Starting at 6:45 PM until 8:45-9:00 PM for buffet-style dinner. Located at 531 Chesnut st. You will need to pre-purchase your tickets in order to attend to get into the door. You will be handed your tickets on Friday at my booth. 
Peter and Radha are our hosts and only use the finest organic ingredients they must preplan the number of guests so I strongly urge you all to get your tickets ASAP to insure a seat. We are limited to 85 tickets with only about 15 to 20 tickets to be purchased at the event no later than Thursday. This restaurant is a favorite of many locals and the quality of food is excellent. 

All dishes will have choice of Lentil soup or salad. Saladconsists of fresh cucumbers tomatoes carrots lettuce with mint and tamarind sauce as dressing. 
All dishes will have a fruit salad watermelon, strawberry, blue berries,pineapple and cantaloupe. 
All dishes will come with desert of Rasmal indian cottage cheese with pistachio syrup.
All dishes will come with galic naan.
All Dishes will come with one of the following. 1 Glass of Beer or One glass of white wine or one glass of red wine or one glass of Mango lassi, 
All dishes will come with organic Basmati rice. 

You will have several choices of food # 1,
Vegan & Vegetarian Thali – Yellow lentils, whole garbanzo beans,mix vegetables Basmati rice.  
#2 Butter chicken chicken breast cubes cooked in thick creamy buttery gravy.
#3 Shimp with onion tomato and herbal spices with cream. 
#4 Chicken Tikka chicken breast cubes cooked in tandori oven cooked with onion,ginger, and cream sauce with special herba masala.

Additional Info
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