My Friends From Venus


My Friends From Venus


This my first edition package of information about my first Contact with Lady Aura Rhanes. Ms. Rhanes is the 6th dimensional Venusian Commander of The Moon Base called Clarion on the dark side of our natural satellite. This Book purchase will give you a link to view the folder of information in a kindle type format. You will be able to see the entire book anytime you like as well as additional pictures and articles. Furthermore, You will be able to listen to the real recorded messages from Lady Orda The Queen of Venus. Finally in this purchase, you also have the full digitally camera recorded message of this first-ever message of any Extra-Terrestrial publically announcing themselves as Venusians and answering questions for the public record.
So you know I must say yes many Venusians are on earth and have appeared on television and many people have seen and know them but do not really know them for who they are or their origin. The presence of our space family must remain hidden from the public eye for a short while longer. So realize their benevolent influence must all be done clandestinely so as not to disrupt people’s lives. I have decided not to release the video to the public on youtube or in general as the disrespect and publics defamation is too painful for me personally to bare. I have played this many times in public and various snippets in many interviews and presentations. This is the first edition and is now just available. Due to printing costs, I am selling in this way to help me in my mission and work as a contactee.
Thank You for your support.

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Additional Info
After you purchase this book You will receive an auto-reply in your email a PDF of this book and a link that will allow only you to see my My Friends From Venus Package.  The package includes the filmed recorded interview with the 6th-dimensional moon base commander aura rhanes as well as some voice recorded messages from lady orda the queen of venus along with another article about lady columba and lady aurora. I appreciate your support of my work.
Rob Potter

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