Moon Cycles, Ancient Moon Symbolism & Your Lunar Astrology


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Workshop  Title;  Moon Cycles, Ancient Moon Symbolism & Your Lunar Astrology

Workshop Description: Jane de Forest is an expert in  In her workshop, she delves into the significance of the moon in matriarchal cultures and its connection to feminine energy. Jane guides participants through understanding the astrological signs the moon traverses and the effects on personal and collective energies. She shares insights on the best times for planting, harvesting, and pruning based on lunar phases. Additionally, Jane discusses the importance of herbs linked to the moon, their healing properties, and how they can be incorporated into daily practices. Throughout the workshop, Jane sheds light on ancient moon Goddesses and their influence on various cultures worldwide.

Day Sunday July 21st
Time 2:30-3:30 PM
Time 1 hour 
Location: Speakers Deck  
Price: $33


Jane de Forest


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