Green Laser


Green Laser


This is a laser that will have positive effects when used in a myriad of ways. This product includes two batteries a Charger and a laser stand. It has many other possible uses and functions please read more to learn about these wonderful products.

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All of the Promise Lasers I have been inspired by Dr. Fred Bell and my experience with them in my youth. The Pleiadeans told us about how light is actually information and information is knowledge and knowledge is power. I was working with Crystals and lasers in the early '80s and was extremely attracted to their beauty and the feelings they evoked in me.

The power of light to heal is well documented. Now lasers are used by doctors in many ways and laser treatments are used by all professional sports teams in their recovery and rehabilitation of athletes from muscles, bones, and ligaments. We even have a blood purification laser which is called The Promise Light Watch. The watch has personally helped me with blood pressure and diabetes symptoms.

Regular white light contains all seven colors of the rainbow. Laser Light is created digitally these days but originally a lasers light was created as the light was pumped into a polished Ruby or Emerald and when it had reached a certain amplitude a specific color determined by the gemstone would come out of the laser aperture. L.A.S.E.R. stands for Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Because the lasers have different frequencies of light which we interpret as color it is very intense and specific in its Radiation. In other words, the fine pencil-thin beam that comes out of a laser has a longer waveform than regular light.

Therefore this light has more information that can affect things more powerfully than regular light. Furthermore, the various colors can more specifically target the various RAY energies associated with all life. Once again we see the law of Seven at play. Just like the pyramid filters magnetism like a prism into seven colors so can laser used properly affect the body's nervous system.

Lasers are key to light therapy treatment also known as actinotherapy and can work especially well when used on acupuncture points in conjunction with crystals and The Promise Violet Wand. When utilized properly it is a great tool to alter the body's complex neural hormonal structures by sympathetic resonance via light color frequency.

This is possible by stimulating the Chakras or the physical counterparts to the chakras we know as Endocrine glands. You will know these as the Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Thymus, Pancreas, Adrenals, and the Ovaries or Testes. These positive effects can be felt easily over time as the complex neurohormonal structures from endocrine glands are released into the bloodstream.

The Hormone is the first unit of biochemistry that possesses consciousness and this is where our feelings come from. If our sexual glands are stimulated we feel sexual feelings and if or thymus is stimulated we feel the feeling of love and so on.

The laser is very pleasing to the eyes as it is emitting photos on a sub-atomic level and the light appears to be alive. When a laser hits a crystal something else also happens and that is that you can actually see into the etheric or plasma field which is the bridge into the fourth dimension.

Laser light is simply affecting us by its frequency we do not need to diagnose any illness or imbalance as the body will simply absorb what it needs and benefit from it. Because crystals amplify thought-forms when stuck by a laser it is not only mesmerizing and beautiful but it is emitting a healing vibration that is naturally soothing and calming.

The crystals combined with other aspects of The Promise Pyramid Systems will also increase a person's aura and thereby increase the manifesting intentions of the individual when used properly with the Systems.

The lasers can photonically charge water, oils, tinctures and when combined with Pyramid Power and crystals can provide a subtle yet healthy infusion of quantum light energy into any substance and even into the ethers itself.

Please do check out my many YouTubes and How I use the lasers with crystals and on the body in My Pyramid Tutorials. You can also see many other Promise Pyramid Products and Tutorials in this playlist by looking in the upper right-hand corner and view the playlist then scroll to laser videos. There are several to choose from. Please watch as many as you like or just go to my youtube channel and see Pyramid tutorials.. Lasers Videos by going to this link here.

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