Antonia- Divine Empowerment Level 1 Healing Class & Wizard School

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Healing Courses – Divine Empowerment -Embark on an electrifying personal growth and wellness journey with Divine Empowerment’s exclusive Level One Healing Course. What can you expect from our Level One Healing Course? Tools for Meditation Mastery: Unveiling the art of swiftly attaining tranquillity. Activate Your Chakras: Fortify your energy system with our revolutionary Chakra Master Blaster, designed to awaken and align your energy body for optimal vitality.

Unveil the Hooks and Banish the Evil Eye: Identifying and clearing the lingering effects of others’ thoughts or shared traumas. A time to embark on a refreshing cleanse, fostering a happier and lighter self. Regular upkeep for an elevated you. Unlock Extraordinary Energies: Dive into a world of over 40 mind-blowing energies, from immediate pain relief to the ability to channel mystical creatures. Plus, explore the fascinating realm of Energetic Homeopathy, where you’ll learn to channel the essence of all homeopathic and flower remedies.
The Majestic Big Eraser: Instantly dissolve emotional trauma within yourself and others. The Big Eraser stands as the crowning gem within the Divine Empowerment collection. In Level One, you will learn to eradicate specific traumas, untangling isolated instances of emotional distress. The memory endures as a factual yet impartial remnant, with the pain erased for eternity.

Discover mind-blowing magic: transform the taste of wine or grape juice, bridging metaphysical and physical realms! Are you ready to become a wizard warrior, heal, and elevate joy?
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Time 4 hours Location off-site


Location Private Residence


Antonia Harman


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