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Counseling Session


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I have received many requests for information on variety of subjects like my contact experiences and people have asked more in depth information which I am now happy to provide. Others have requested more personal counseling sessions for help in their personal life. This service that I am also honored to provide. For those who are in need of more personal understanding od more spiritual information, meditation techniques, invoking the light and healing I am now available to offer my help.

If you have situations in your personal lives that seem overwhelming I offer a perspective that some people have found useful to lighten their feelings. My private client have been grateful to hear my encouragements and suggested I make this service public so I am doing so now.

I must be clear here to say I am not a professional counselor or psychiatrist trained to evaluate or treat anybody with any physical, medical, or mental problems. Also, my answers coming from my intuition and “tuning in” to your soul is not to be considered as telling you what to do. Universal law prohibits me from taking responsibility for your actions or to do more than to give you a new viewpoint from which to consider your decision-making process.

Though I have been gifted with some extra-ordinary contact experiences I cannot “Ask the Space Family” personal questions for anybody about anything. They will not aid in people’s personal development at this time so please understand I cannot submit any personal questions. If you know me I certainly could never take money for such a service. This would be ridiculous exploitation of the gift of personal contact that I have been given.

I can explain to the best of my ability to explain certain universal principles that can perhaps shed some light on the path to help you discern more clearly possibilities that could be in play in your manifestation process and the life you are leading. Your free will must be respected. Furthermore, your own God presence or higher self that is fully aware and capable of making all positive decisions to affect the correct path of truth in your life at all times.

It is simply learning how to tap that eternal spring of the IAM Christ Consciousness within yourself. You can learn to draw from your own divine knowledge from the source of truth within to apply in your life as you see fit. Toward this end, I give personal direction and guidance in meditation on how to enter into the silence to be able to hear the small still voice of God. I can answer your questions about prayer and how to approach faith in knowing a living loving creator to help you chart your course to more love and inner peace.

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