Lily- Connect with Star Beings with 12D Activation


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Lily Nova teaches how to make contact with Star Beings and your Galactic Family, followed by a powerful group 12D Activation with crystal alchemy singing bowls to connect with our Star Families in real time.

In my presentation, I will share my contact experiences with UFOs and a variety of extraterrestrials, including but not limited to the Pleiadians, Inner Earth Beings, Arcturians, and Andromedans. I will share incredible UFO / UAP footage captured while making contact with these enlightened Star Beings. This footage also contains activation codes and frequencies that will help activate and awaken the viewers. Contact has already begun on a personalized, individual level and will continue to expand as we near total disclosure. Anybody can make contact if they have pure intent, an open mind, and a heart.

Duration:  1 Hour. 

Location: Speakers Deck


Lily Nova


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