Cintamani Faceted Pendant

Cintamani Faceted Pendant


9-11 Gram Stone

These are of beautifully custom handcrafted pendants. Faceted Cintamani stones are used to enhance the resonant frequencies, optical refraction, and increased the beauty for personal use. These pendant products allows you to keep ” The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel” next to your body as often as you like without getting lost. Prices will vary based on size and stock. If you are interested in owning a pendant please contact me and we will discuss your order and stone choices.

These are beautiful custom handmade pendants that are handmade specially for you. These are custom orders only. If you are interested you will need to contact me directly. The process takes about 2-4 weeks for natural pendants and 4-6 weeks for custom faceted pendants. Contact me via email at or you may call me at +1-530-925-3502

Cost Range is $325 – $ 450

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What is a Cintamani Stone  ?

Crystals Receptors

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm

To Purchase Cintamani Faceted Pendant

#1) First you will choose and pay for your stone and choose faceting style. The Teardrop, Emerald, Round, and Oval cut are some of the more popular faceting style choices.

#2) I will then send your stone to the lapidary specialist for custom faceting. They will give you a price quote based on faceting style and size. You will make payment and stone will be faceted then sent to custom Jeweler to make a custom setting and then it will be mailed directly to  you.

“The purpose and uses of the Cintamani is quite extensive. The Galactic federation uses the Cintamani to support the Divine Feminine Vortex which is now the primary vortex on the planet. The Divine Masculine Vortex lies nascent in relation to the feminine since Dec. 21 2012. It acts as a transducer of cosmic energies and supports the primary Feminine Vortex which is now in Bolivia near The Golden Disk of The Sun in Lake Titicaca. This Golden Disk is used to monitor all lifestreams on earth.


There is a large Cintamani at 9 meters in height shaped like an egg that was transferred from Shamballa the lessor beneath the Himalayas in 2015 to Sajama Volcano in Bolivia where it now anchors the transformational energies of planetary redemption and the new light into the heart of mother earth. This light is transforming the psionic grid of our planet and reactivating ancient vortex sites and portals to reform the earth. This Giant Cintamani is anchored inside the Great White Brother/Sisterhoods New Inner Retreat inside the Sajama. Collectively the New Agarthan Inner Retreats are called The New Great Shambala.

Furthermore, the cintamani helps dissolve and transmute all implants, mind control and other forms of darkness into Light. It anchors divine grace. It also amplifies positive free will, divine mission and positive energy in general. It is sacred to several groups within the Agatha networks, as well as Sirians and other Light groups. This stone has a very high vibrational frequency, and is pure Light: it doesn’t need to be cleaned and cannot be programmed. Throughout quarantine Earth history it has been kept in strict secrecy, as this stone is only appropriate for people who have made a strong decision and dedication to the Light. Those who are half-hearted are unwillingly and unknowingly channeling negativity and if they had one of these stones, this could amplify this negativity.”