Archangel Michaels Crystal Light


This beautiful hanging crystal designed by artist Yuki Noda was inspired by her soul in remembrance or her time spent in the heavenly realms. This lovely design named Micheals Light can hang in any window in side or out and even in your car to reflect the myriad rainbow light. Light is knowledge and knowledge is power. Enjoy the power of Light inspired by Michael from the heart of  Yuki Noda

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I hope this crystal will connect you to your guardian angels.
May the force be with you.

Yuki also does psychic readings. you can check it out here Angel Reading by Yuki 

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Originally from Japan.
Yuki lived in Hawaii for 12 years. Then moved to Mount Shasta for 2 years.
Currently traveling the USA

YUKI is a Starseed and remembers her time in Angelic realms. She is a rainbow angel and works for Archangel Raziel.
YUKI started her psychic angel reading session for Japanese and American people who want to remember who they are also reconnect to their guardian angels and work with them.


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