Mt Shasta, California, USA

Message From Queen of Venus Lady Orda!


This is the transcript that was given to me prior to my Mt Shasta Summer Conference “Hierarchy of Light” 2021.

Our special thanks are extended to Robert Potter of the Promise Revealed for organising this conference.

Abejar is the true name for the planet you refer to as Venus, which is truly a paradise world. Abejar occupies space and time in both the third and fourth dimensions, and in our Norcan language signifies “planet of the bees”, because there is a species of sentient bees that are the indigenous lifeforms there.

We, the humanoids inhabiting Abejar, originally hailed from a planet called Norca in the solar system of the star you know as Tau Ceti.

You of Earth also share some connections with Norca as well as many other planets in our spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy, planets that you will be hearing more about throughout the proceedings of this conference.

The Galactic Confederation of Light consists of 601 planets from 51 solar systems in our Milky Way galaxy.

May the Infinite Creator speed the way when you, the inhabitants of the Earth, will be ready for your planet to take its place in our Galactic Confederation of Light – the day when we formally receive our designated ambassadors into our courts on high.

In our Solar System, there are two courts: my royal administrative courts on Venus in our capital city of Azure, and a judicial council on a moon of Saturn.

In the four days of this conference, I can assure you that many of our contingent are walking among you, clandestinely, of course.

Some of you may sense our presence telepathically.

We highly esteem and value each and every one of you. You are the special ones, enlightened to the realisation that we are real and that you have a definite connection with us on many, many levels. We look forward to interacting with you throughout the conference.

There has been an augmentation of the Venus frequencies of love reaching your planet. And at this time, our transmitters have been particularly focused on this area of Northern California.

These are transformative frequencies to be sure, facilitating and increasing those powers latent within you that will, with the exercise of them, permit you to accomplish wonderful deeds on a multi-dimensional level.

You are about to surprise yourself, beginning to realize all that you are truly capable of.

Some of those on your planet in New Age and UFO circles have expressed disappointments that we of Abejar have not been as political as they would like to see us be.

As our Commander Ora Rhanes of the Moon-based Clarion has said, “The fate of your world is in your own hands. The political systems that you create to manage your progress or lack thereof on the Earth should be of your own making. This is in keeping with the sovereignty due you as a sentient species.”

We have, however, on occasion, worked behind the scenes to promote those conditions on Earth which work to maintain the peace and security within the Earth-Moon system as well as our Solar System overall.

To all participants in this conference attendees, guest speakers, organizers, vendors, our heartfelt love is extended to you all.

And to all of those unable to attend for various reasons, we of Abejar want you to know that you too shall be encompassed by the love and light which has been extended to you through our registered disks and we are conducting an aerial reconnaissance in your area, searching for those of pure heart emanating with the divine spark of the Infinite Creator.

This is the Queen Orda of Abejar wishing you all a most safe and joyous conference 26 thru 29 of August 2021.

Celestial Blessings always.

Thank you for making this important Venus connection.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the top side.

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